What our patients say about their treatments at The Back Care Clinic:

“I had PRP on my hip yesterday (29th June 2019) and this morning I am walking without pain.” Reeta Prodger

“After suffering severe pain for 4 months, living on prescription painkillers plus paracetamol and Diazepam then paying for an MRi scan, I was told I needed a discectomy operation for a slipped disc. The pain was so severe that I was unable to sit or go out in the car. My son, who is a patient at the Back Care Clinic suggested I see Steve. Steve recommended a stem cell treatment. This involved using my own blood and injecting the platelet rich plasma back into my body. This was done under the strictest hygiene methods and Steve and his wonderful assistant looked after me as I’d expect from a private practice. The result after only 2 weeks was quite remarkable! I no longer need any painkillers and can sit in a normal chair and drive my car!!! Needless to say, I cancelled the operation. I can’t thank you guys enough. Oh!, not expense either so its a win-win.” Terri Jacks

“Steve Deadman has been an enormous help to me in the last few months, so I would like to share my fantastic experience with all who have been or are in dire pain. Whether you suffer join or arthritic problems then PRP (stem cell) treatment is the answer. Steve has given me this new innovative treatment and I can only say the result has been magical. So, please do not hesitate, take advice and do not dally because I am now pain free in my sacroiliac joints and my right shoulder. It is absolutely fantastic.” Patti Elliott

“Just recently received my PRP treatment to my knee, which has been aggravating me for the last 15 years due to ligament damage and 3 operations! But for the first time in years I haven’t got any aches in my knee. I want to thank Steve and his team for their professional approach and care.” Rikki Searle